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Break through in 4U!

Since Carbon Nano Tubes have gained attention in 2003, Kumpoo has also been pursuing the possibilities of this new material through research.

When all other badminton manufactures were focused on developing a badminton racket that could be strung with 30 lbs of tension, Kumpoo focused on creating a lighter racket that had the same strength as previous rackets to match the speed-based play style of recent times.

At the time, 4U rackets were said to easily break compared to the standard 3U and was not anywhere to be found on the market.

Even with the advances of technology, making everything lighter and smaller, other manufacturers have deemed making a badminton racket lighter than 3U impossible.

The weight, balance, and flex of the racket change your swing. If you could create a racket that covered all of these but with the weight of 4U, your swing speed would dramatically increase, along with other advantages.

During development, Kumpoo used 500 testers and tested 5 different 4U rackets with variations in balance and flex. During testing, Kumpoo realized that it was absolutely necessary to have a light-weight 4U racket with the strength of 3U (A racket that could be strung at 20-25 lbs).

The concept of the Power Shot Nano was created with the following in mindc
. A racket that was 4U in weight but had the strength of 3U
. A racket that could be easily used by all ages and genders
. A racket that doesnft put stress on the shoulder or elbow
. A racket that lets anyone hit clear shots
. A racket that could raise the level of the players game
. A racket that is satisfactory for even the top class players in the world

Taking hints from a world famous watch maker that created top of the line golf clubs, Kumpoo has researched gmolecular structure dispositiong, gmolecular combinationh, and others (Patent Pending: SLW Structure). While listening to the voices of actual players during demos and tests, Kumpoo continued to create improved versions of the racket. After much struggle, in March of 2004, the completed 4U racket was released in to the market.

The Power Shot Nano, the first racket to use carbon nano tubes in the industry. A racket that uses all the attributes of carbon nano tubes only made possible by those who have mastered the technology. A technology that is meaningless unless the badminton rackets are 4U. Other manufacturers have started to produce rackets with carbon nano tubes in recent years but there is nothing in the world that can beat Kumpoofs Power Shot Nano series.