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  • 2009.11.16The power shot Nano series revises the full lineup price following power shot Nano H series. It became easy to buy the Kumpoo racket more. Click (here)!
  • 2009.9.18Kumpoo has started their Global Standard Price campaign to compete with the prices of other manufacturers around the globe.Click (here)!
  • 2009.7.20The most powerful offence racket, the POWER SHOT NANO 2300H on sale!


  • 2010.11.19[French Open Super Series 2010] Mix Doubles Winner: Suket & Sararee Women Doubles Winner: Doananong & Kunchara
    Click (here)!
  • 2010.8.32010 Kumpoo Macau Open: after close match, won the 4th place! Click (here)!
  • 2010.8.22010 Kumpoo Macau Open: Boonsak took the close match! Click (here)!