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Salaree Toungthongkum (from Mar 1st,2010 to Feb 28th,2013)

Salaree Toungthongkum

Salaree Toungthongkum Profile

  • Birthday: June 13, 1979
  • Hometown: Thailand
  • Height: 163 cm
  • Weight: 58kg
  • Hand: Right Handed

Salaree Toungthongkum Biography

Her technique and accuracy which are exactly like a precise machine control matches.

She paired up with Sudket who is gMagician in the courth for mixed doubles. She is the only one who can led Sudketfs ability to maximum.

She becomes a veteran in the Thailand national team, but now she fits so well because she trained so hard and lost her weight last year. She pursuits higher level than what she is today this year.

Moreover, she is indispensable existence in a Thai team as a leader and leads the team with high captaincy.

Tournament Record

  • Malaysia Open 2010 2nd place
  • Swiss Open 2009 4th Place@
  • Malaysia Open 2009 4th Place
  • Singapore Open 2007 2nd Place
  • World Championship 2005 3rd Place
  • Asia Championship 2005 Winner
  • Japan Open 2005 Winner

BWF World Ranking (Self Best)

  • 2th place (Mix Doubles)



In December of 2008, a racket that used the worlds first Hexagonal Taper Shaft to decrease the amount of torque, the Kumpoo 2100H racket was born. After a year from its release, the Super Durable Frame and a color change was added to create a racket that could withstand stringing at a higher tension.